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The Board Game

Available now as a Premium Collectors Edition
and Founders Edition.

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Three Arrows™ Beta is available to play online now on any device. No installation or download required! Click or tap below to load the app.

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Climb the ranks

Play consistently to gain points. Boost your rankings through gameplay and keep working at your gameplay to hold off any challengers.

Challenge players who rank nearby to see if you can topple them faster!

Play your way

Create your perfect match. Choose the options you want including board size, game-type, opponents and even the speed of the turns.

Outwit. Bluff.
Chance. Conquer!

Three Arrows™ is an online multiplayer game and an offline physical board game that combines elements of strategy, bluffing and luck.

Play for FREE and be in to win! The top 30 ranked players will gain entry to the 2024 championship.

Play Online now   Board Game

Same game. Different rules.

Create your perfect match. Choose the options you want including board size (6x6 or 8x8), game-type, number of opponents (2,3 or 4 players) and even the speed of the turns.

Have internet. Will play.

Started a game on a laptop and heading out to the beach? After you've slapped on your sunscreen you can simply pop open your mobile device and continue your game.

Not tied to any platform, you can connect to the internet you can play Three Arrows™ on any device and any platform that can open an internet browser.*

* Modern browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera). The game may be playable on older browsers but it is not recommended.

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