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Three Arrows
2024 Championship

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Three Arrows Grand Championship

Do you have what it takes to be the next Three Arrows Champion?

All games in the tournament will be played online with the possible exception of the final - the final may be played in Christchurch on a physical Three Arrows board but only if suitable to both finalists.

The tournament starts end of October. Games are played with a 24 hour turn timer with turns taken at any time - multiple turns per day are encouraged where possible.

The first round of the tournament will be a round-robin with 2 to 4 groups of 7 or 8 players. The top player from each round will go through the semi-finals, and the winner from each semi-final will enter the final.

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Details & Results

2023 Grand Championship

Winner: Niv

Finals: Niv vs Villanz

Semi final #1: RockyMoon vs Villanz

Semi final #2: Slipry vs Niv

Full Tournament Results

2022 Grand Championship

Winner: Slipry

Finals: Slipry vs Villanz

Semi final #1: Shando vs Villanz

Semi final #2: Slipry vs KiwiButcher (not KiwiLamb)

Full Tournament Results

2021 Grand Championship

Winner: KiwiLamb

Finals: KiwiLamb vs Carlin the Archer

Semi final #1: Carlin the Archer vs Aonethli

Semi final #2: Villanz vs KiwiLamb

Full Tournament Results

2020 Grand Championship

Winner: KiwiLamb

Finals: Slipry vs KiwiLamb

Semi final #1: Slipry vs Carlin the Archer

Semi final #2: KiwiLamb vs RockyMoon

Full Tournament Results